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Title: An Unexpected Encounter
Author/Artist: katie_flint
Pairing(s): Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Rating: T
Warning(s): N/A
Challenge(s): Prompt 04: Class for mixandmatch100
Word count: 100x10
Summary: Marcus finds a certain Gryffindor chaser as he returns from practice one night. He should just ignore her, he knows this, but he can’t help himself... Not when it’s Katie Bell.
Notes: This was written thanks to a prompt from my gal pal across the sea, Rose, which I hope she likes, even though it's a bit basic (and it took forever haha). Or read on AO3.
Title: His Favorite Flower
Author: katie_flint
Pairing/Character: Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson
Word Count: 500
Rating: R
Warnings: N/A
Challenge: HP_HumpDrabbles weekly
A/N: I meant to write Marcus/Katie this week but then these two decided to show up instead ugh. Anyhow, enjoy this lol. Finally got a decent R rating in here and maybe also a bit of suggestive other play ;) I'm also sorry for the switch in font. I currently have a headache and going through HTML to change it seems daunting.
Summary: After a successful and highly enjoyable Valentine's Day, Neville and Pansy decide it's time for a shower..

His Favorite FlowerCollapse )
Title: Walk of Shame
Author: katie_flint
Pairing/Character: Blaise Zabini/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: N/A
Challenge: HP_HumpDrabbles weekly
A/N: This was really fun and being honest, I was planning on a higher rating for it but I just got so into the set up I ran out of room xD Alas, next time!
Summary: Blaise Zabini makes the mistake, one drunken night, of catcalling Padma Patil. At least, he thought it was Padma, however, he’s not so sure the subsequent morning; nor in the days that follow.

Walk of ShameCollapse )
I take it the Patriots have won the Superbowl, when, from the quiet room I've set myself up in the library... I hear the uproarious cheers and parading that accompanies such joy on a college campus come drifting in through the sealed third story windows. Congrats boys, I'm happy for you. Now if only I could be happy for myself... and finally finish this reading (i've been going from book to book, class to class, nonstop for hourssss-- I want bed).

(Also my knowledge of sports, particularly Football, is pitiful. I'll likely only ever watch the sport if my future husband does lol)
Title: Celebrate
Author: katie_flint
Pairing/Character: Cho Chang/Cormac McLaggen
Word Count: 500
Rating: R
Warnings: N/A
Challenge: HP_HumpDrabbles weekly
A/N: First Charlie, and now Cho? Unfair! I'm helpless to resist such amazing prompts on Livejournal, and next week think it's Blaise ahhh, totally gonna have to do something for him as well I can already tell. I saw that someone posted Dudley/Cho on LJ and whaaa, I'm so intrigued!!! Gonna have to explore that pairing at a later date! :D (this has been my thing for Cho for a while, Cormac that is. The dominatrix aspect is new haha).
Summary: Cho's been hired as the manager of the Tutshill Tornados and she thinks she's found the perfect way to celebrate the success...

CelebrateCollapse )
Title: A Proper Conversation
Author: katie_flint
Pairing/Character: Charlie Weasley/Daphne Greengrass
Word Count: 500
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: N/A
Challenge: HP_HumpDrabbles weekly
A/N: I fell for this couple after I read a post about them on tumblr, and I couldn't resist the prompt for this week when I saw it was Charlie.
Summary: For all her good taste and common sense, Daphne can’t help the way her gaze falls upon him.

CelebrateCollapse )

Fic: "Headmistress" (Molly II Weasley, PG)

Title: Headmistress
Author: katie_flint
Pairing/Character: Molly II Weasley
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Challenge: #109: Reunion, for hp_nextgen100
A/N: I have such headcanons about Molly and I'm definitely going to have to turn some of them into fics someday soon. Here's part of what this is based off of: Headgirl!Molly
Summary: Molly watches the precession of first years with nostalgia and delight.

HeadmistressCollapse )
Title: Gratitude
Author: katie_flint
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson
Rating/Tone: Explicit, it's smut folks. Smut.
Word count: 1869
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Pansy passes her classes thanks to her tutor, Neville Longbottom. She doesn't like being indebted to anyone, and she insists on repaying him, her way...
Notes: What to say, what to say... Well, explicit stuff usually isn't up my alley. In fact, thinking back, I don't think I've ever written and posted any 0.o... Wow. No time like the present! I'm pretty proud how this came out, all things considered lol, enjoy ;)
Title: A Recipe for Melancholy
Author: katie_flint
Prompt: Prompt 9: Cake, for draco100
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley (Canon couples still married)
Rating: PG
Word count: 100x3
Warnings: N/A
Notes: No infidelity, just two middle aged folks pining over what might've been. I noticed this a bit ago, that quite a few of the things I love about D/G, I also love about S/R (especially asthetics wise) and I came to conclude it most likely came from their physical similarities. Also, damn idk why Draco needs to be filled with remorse and sorrow in my fics lately. Poor guy! I gotta write him some happiness again soon!
Summary: Middle-aged and married, they attend a wedding, and consider what might've been...

(A Recipe for Meloncholy)

Jan 11th, Mark the Day!

On this upcoming Wednesay, I'll be catching up on all the fics I have saved to my tabs and reviewing them. If you have one you've written or just one you really like and would like to share, send it my way! I'd love to try it out :)

(I would prefer it be HP, as that's what I'm currently in the mood for-- but I think that's what everyone posts here anyhow xD)


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